Singer-songwriter Sir Elton John has vowed to marry partner David Furnish on the first day a same-sex marriage law takes effect in England next year.

John, who is raising two children with Furnish, discussed his plans in a CNN interview alongside tennis legend Billie Jean King, who was outed through the course of a 1981 palimony lawsuit.

“Will you get married, Elton?” CNN's Christiane Amanpour asked.

“Oh yeah, on [the] first day possible,” John responded. “David and I are a very high-profile gay couple, probably the most high-profile gay couple in the world. You have to set an example. If you say, 'Listen guys this is our rights.' Can you imagine 20 years ago, we'd have never thought this possible. Celebrate.”

“Billy Jean, you and Ilana [Kloss] are a very high-profile gay couple. You've been with Ilana more than 30 years, she's your partner in life. … Are you going to get married?” Amanpour asked.

“I don't know. But we do discuss it,” she said, adding that John has promised to perform at her wedding.

King explained that she was reluctant to remarry.

“It's probably my problem, because … of what I went through with the palimony and Marilyn [Barnett] and obviously Larry [King]. It was a long, long, horrible experience over many years. And I still think there's residual effects from that. … I'm the problem, not Ilana.”