Former 'NSyncer Lance Bass says he immediately knew fiance Michael Turchin was the one.

Bass, 34, and Turchin, a 26-year-old aspiring actor and model, got engaged in New Orleans shortly after the 'NSync reunion during MTV's Video Music Awards in September. The couple is planning to marry next fall in California.

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Bass was asked by “How did you know that Michael Turchin was the one?”

“It's so cliché, but the first time I saw him, there was an instant attraction,” Bass answered. “I was like, 'Whoa!' He knocked my socks off! But what was great was for a month, we were best friends; we didn't think we were into each other at all. We spent every day together before we figured it out. That was something very special and something I had never experienced before. I knew then that, wow, this is what you hear when people say they want to marry their best friend.”

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