Cher this week promoted a video for Take It Like a Man that edges on soft core gay porn.

Take It Like a Man is the third single off of Cher's latest studio album, Closer to the Truth.

Cher wrote in posting the video on her Facebook page, “some friends made me a present for Take It Like a Man.”

The video's soundtrack is a remixed version of the single, titled 7th Heaven remix.

In the video, a bunch of Andrew Christian underwear wearing models go cruising in a red convertible after washing it. When the car stops for another hot underwear model, one of the men in the back seat takes out his lollipop, rubs it on the other man's crotch, then licks it.

After their boat capsizes, the men are rescued by three hot male lifeguards who feel the need to strip down to their underwear. One of the men wakes up with his head resting on another man's ass.

The final scene takes place in a garage where the men have separated into two groups: men wearing yellow “hot bottoms” underwear and men wearing blue “tasty & horny” underwear. An epic dance battle that involves lots of twerking follows. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)