Author-activist Dan Savage on Friday criticized Liz and Mary Cheney during an appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher.

According to several sources, the daughters of former vice president Dick Cheney are no longer speaking to each other.

The animosity between the sisters stems from Liz's recent remarks repudiating claims that she supports gay marriage.

The feud overheated last weekend after Liz reiterated her opposition during an appearance on Fox News Sunday.

“Listen, I love Mary very much. I love her family very much. This is just an issue on which we disagree,” Liz said.

Mary responded in a Facebook post that she was “wrong” and “on the wrong side of history.” Mary's wife, Heather Poe, wrote that she was offended.

Savage reminded host Bill Maher that Mary has previously donated money to anti-gay politicians and remained mum in 2004 when Republicans pushed referendums in a number of states seeking to exclude gay couples from marriage.

“Mary does a pretty good approximation of evil,” Savage said.

Savage described Mary and her wife Heather as “wealthy dykes who until 10 minutes ago couldn't give a flying fuck about the rights of same-sex couples in the state where they live or any other state.”

“You think this fight would be going on with the sisters if Dick Cheney were still alive?” Maher asked, then pretended to be corrected.

“It's funny that you need a Dick to adjudicate a dispute between a lesbian and a straight sister,” Savage said. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)