Peruvian Congressman Carlos Bruce's attempts to legalize gay unions in the nation has opened him up to ridicule.

In September, Bruce, a divorced father of two sons, proposed legislation which would recognize the relationships of gay and lesbian couples with civil unions. Bruce said that he would prefer marriage but understood that Peru wasn't ready to take that step.

Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani, the leader of the Peruvian Roman Catholic Church, accused Bruce of introducing the measure to “justify his [sexual] orientation.”

Cipriani said civil unions make a “caricature of marriage.”

“I regret that … [the cardinal] is bringing up personal matters … I will not answer such vileness,” Bruce, a popular political figure in Peru, reportedly said in response.

Bruce's participation in crowning Miss Amazonas Gay was lampooned in a skit on the show El Especial del Humor (The Humor Special) broadcast by the Lima-based network Frecuencia Latina.

In a separate skit, Bruce addresses a group of prancing sailors who refer to him as their “benefactor” and insist on being called “Evitas.” Before exiting, Bruce is encouraged to give a little twirl. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)