A United Methodist Church jury has convicted and sentenced Pennsylvania Pastor Frank Schaefer for officiating over his son's marriage to another man.

Schaefer, pastor at Zion United Methodist Church of Iona in Lebanon, presided over the 2007 wedding of his son Tim Schaefer in Massachusetts, which legalized gay marriage in 2004.

A jury of 13 fellow pastors on Monday convicted Schaefer of breaking church law and suspended him for 30 days Tuesday.

An unrepentant Schaefer, who has three gay children, told the jury before being sentenced that the church “needs to stop judging people based on their sexual orientation. We have to stop the hate speech. We have to stop treated them as second-class Christians.”

Schaefer was told he would need to surrender his credentials if he could not reconcile his teachings with church doctrine.

According to the AP, Schaefer's supporters began overturning chairs in the courtroom in response to the sentence.

As some supporters wept, Schaefer pledged to “never be silent again.”

Schaefer said that he informed his superiors that he planned to officiate at his son's wedding before the ceremony took place.

It wasn't until 26 days before the church's statute of limitations would have expired that a complaint was filed against Schaefer by one of his congregrants that the church took action against him.

Jon Boger, the congregant who filed the complaint against Schaefer, said on the witness stand that Schaefer “should no longer be in service as a minister of the United Methodist Church, not at Iona, not anywhere else.”