A British man faces trial in Uganda on Monday over the publication of images of him having sex with another man.

Bernard Randall, a retired 65-year-old former computer analyst from Faversham, and his Ugandan partner, 30-year-old Albert Cheptoyek, were arrested in their Ugandan home following publication of the pictures.

Randall stands accused of “trafficking obscene material,” which carries a prison sentence of up to two years, while Cheptoyek has been accused of “acts of gross indecency,” a more serious offense which carries a seven year prison term.

“The charges are nonsensical,” Randall told the UK's The Independent. “The publication of the pictures was a consequence of the theft of my laptop. I wasn't publishing them. They were very private videos of my private life that got stolen.”

Randall said that he and Cheptoyek were “taken away from our home at 6:30 AM and thrown into cells where we spent three nights and three whole days until we were charged.”

He said that they shared the cell with 18 other criminals.

Uganda's harsh anti-gay laws are the subject of the documentaries God Loves Uganda and Call Me Kuchu.