A vote count shows that as may as 116 out of 127 members of the parliament of Scotland could favor a gay marriage bill set for debate next week.

The Scottish Mail on Sunday published a vote count which shows 86 lawmakers in favor, 10 undecided and 20 refusing to answer.

Only 11 MSPs have confirmed that they plan to vote against the measure as it faces its first legislative hurdle on Wednesday. While a final vote remains nearly a year away, securing approval “in principle” is likely to ensure passage.

Scottish Conservatives are divided on the issue, with six opposed and four in favor.

“I believe the forthcoming bill on same sex marriage is an issue of conscience, which is why I have given Conservative MSPs a free vote on the issue,”said Ruth Davidson, the party's leader. “I support same sex marriage and will be voting to pass this bill.”

Holyrood's equal opportunities committee will consider any amendments introduced following Wednesday's vote.

If the bill becomes law, the first weddings under the law would take place in 2015.