Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie says he understands why a lesbian lawmaker voted against a gay marriage bill.

State Rep. Jo Jordan's vote last week against the marriage bill Abercrombie championed and ultimately signed into law on Wednesday made her the first openly gay lawmaker to vote against such legislation.

Jordan said on the Hawaii House floor that she felt the bill's religious exemptions were too narrow.

“I'm not held to any specific conviction but I do have certain beliefs that I hold near and dear. And in this process I have been shown so much love by a community I thought hated me,” Jordan tearfully told colleagues on the House floor. “And I found so much hate in a community that I thought embraced me. See Mr. Speaker, I have no hate for them.”

Later she added: “I'm sorry to the GLTB community. I walked in this place three years ago asking my community, I don't want to be the poster child. I've become the poster child. And I accept that.”

Appearing on SiriusXM Progress, Abercrombie described Jordan, whom he appointed, as “a lonely voice in this.”

“I understand it. I disagree with her. She had her reservations about [the bill] sufficient to cause her to vote no. And I'm going to take her at her word. My job now is not to seek retribution or go over the validity of what the motivation was for people's votes, but to work with them all,” Abercrombie said