Cabler Pivot will air the season finale of Jersey Strong on Saturday.

Jersey Strong, from the Peabody Award-winning producers of the critically-acclaimed and Emmy-nominated Brick City, follows two families working and living in Newark, New Jersey.

Jayda and Creep are raising two young kids while pursuing their careers and following their dreams. Jayda is a former Blood gang member, while Creep is a Crip. Their family life is juxtaposed alongside Brooke's life. Jayda and Brooke are connected by the fact that Brooke, a trial attorney, once represented Jayda, who now looks to help other women in Newark.

On Saturday's finale, Brooke and Maggie hit a bump in their relationship when Maggie announces that she wants to pursue her own dreams and become a stylist. (A clip from the finale is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)