Singer-songwriter Matt Nathanson says he's overwhelmed by the positive response he's received for the video of his single Kinks Shirt.

Of the 1,804 responses the video has received since being released October 1 on YouTube, only 44 rated it a thumbs down.

In the video, Nathanson's character is swept away by a beautiful transgender woman. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

“I just didn't expect like an outpouring of like, 'This is not my kind of music but this video rules and here's why it rules, because it's showing human beings being human beings like without any labels, without any crap,” Nathanson, 40, told the AP.

“Equality is where it's at. Like human beings being human beings. And acceptance is just it.”

“I don't assume or presume that this song is going to do anything other than what it does, but that's why when I get the feedback on the video, it feels so rad. Because I didn't expect anybody that didn't know me to be like, 'Oh, I saw your video.' You know, so when somebody says, 'I saw your video and it moved me because of this,' and they tell their story, it's like, this is like heavy amazing humanity,” he added.

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