During a debate on a gay marriage bill in the Hawaii House, Rep. Gene Ward compared the bill's impact to 9-11.

According to the Star Advertiser, Ward “compared the potential impact of marriage equality to the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.”

Ward, a Republican and the House's minority leader, made his remarks Wednesday near the end of a day-long session in which members advanced the bill. A final House vote is expected to take place Friday.

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Ward also attempted to derail the measure with three amendments, all of which were rejected.

One of the amendments sought to allow parents and teachers to opt out of instruction on homosexuality. Ward said that it was needed to “inoculate” children from such teachings. Another would add a “conscience exemption” for individuals. Ward's final amendment sought to exempt churches from the state's public accommodations law. All three amendments were defeated by voice vote.

House members are expected on Friday to approve a version of the marriage bill amended in committee to expand religious exemptions to include “for profit” organizations. If the bill is approved, it will return to the Senate, which approved late last month the original version of the bill.

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