Detroit Mayor-elect Mike Duggan on Tuesday included gays in his acceptance speech.

As Duggan, the city's first white mayor in decades, takes over the city reigns, Detroit is looking for a comeback after it emerges from bankruptcy.

On Tuesday, Duggan said success would hinge on valuing the talents of every citizen.

“The way we are going to rebuild this city is to value every single person in our community,” Duggan told supporters gathered at the Marriott hotel at the Renaissance Center. “It will no longer matter if you are black, brown or white. It will no longer matter if you are Christian, Jewish or Muslim. It will not matter if you are gay or straight. We want all of your talents. You're all going to be equally valued and welcomed, because only in that way will we rebuild the kind of Detroit everyone in this city deserves.”

In an op-ed published in the Detroit Free Press, small business owner Joe Posch applauded Duggan's comments.

“Here in Michigan, where gay rights have continually regressed for more than a decade, few places proudly send the message that the LGBT community is welcome,” wrote Posch, the owner of Detroit boutique Hugh. “Judging from the cheers that accompanied Duggan's statement, Detroit is finally one of them.”