General Motors announced this week that it will begin extending benefits to the spouses of gay employees.

The automobile giant said that it will recognize all legal marriages in the United States for the purpose of health care plans, pensions plans and savings plans.

“This decision is in line with GM's effort to find, keep and grow the world's best talent and to offer our employees policies and benefits that are competitive with many of the largest and best-managed industrial companies in the U.S.,” GM's Chief Diversity Officer Ken Barrett told The Huffington Post in a statement.

According to General Motors' latest annual report, the company employees more than 212,000 employees in 396 facilities on 6 continents.

Fourteen states plus the District of Columbia currently allow same-sex nuptials.

General Motors is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, a state which does not allow gay and lesbian couples to marry.

Recently, oil giant Exxon announced a similar policy.