Peter Sagal, host of NPR's Wait Wait … Don't Tell Me! tweeted support for gay marriage in Illinois and Ohio.

On Tuesday, Sagal cheered after Illinois lawmakers approved a gay marriage bill.

(Related: Illinois becomes 15th state to legalize gay marriage.)

“FINALLY,” Sagal messaged to his more than 94,000 followers. “It was totally embarrassing that Iowa was gayer than we were.”

He continued with an offer to officiate over the weddings of gay couples in Illinois to support marriage equality in Ohio.

“Not a joke: If any [nerdy] same sex couple in IL wants me to officiate, I'm your guy,” Sagal said. “Did it for Carl Kasell, can do it for you.”

In a series of tweets, Sagal added some conditions to his offer.

“1. To clarify and expand earlier, excited tweets: I meant it. I will officiate your same sex wedding in IL when they become legal next June. 2. Must be within 1hr drive of my home in Chicago, and dates must be mutually acceptable. Must be real, legal SS marriages. 3. My fee: a $500 donation to non-profit working for marriage equality in another state, pref. Ohio. Amount negotiable, esp if you're loaded. 4. Also: two seats at your reception. You guys through AWESOME parties. 5. Lastly, to clarify: I officiated at Carl Kasell's wedding to Mary Anne Foster. Sorry, boys, he's taken. 6. Contact me via my website, And mazel tov!”

He added: “Throw not through. Geez.”

The 48-year-old Sagal is also a playwright, screenwriter and actor.