Singer Adam Lambert said he believes that he's a good fit for Glee.

Lambert makes his debut on the Fox musical-drama when it returns from a two-week break on Thursday.

On the show, Lambert plays Elliot, who introduces himself as Starchild when he shows up to audition to be in a band led by Kurt (played by Chris Colfer).

“He's trying way too hard and he's doing everything he can to make a good impression,” Lambert said in a clip released by producers.

Lambert added that he auditioned for Glee before appearing on American Idol.

“It's funny because I actually auditioned for the show years ago which was before I was on Idol,” Lambert said. “The casting director was like, 'Well, I love your voice but I think you're too old to be in the show.' And so I didn't get in. And then Idol happened.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

In a separate clip, he added: “It feels like a really good fit.”