In arguing against a proposed bill in Hawaii which seeks to legalize gay marriage, Jim Hochberg, president of Hawaii Family Advocates, claims that allowing such unions would lead to people marrying animals and themselves.

On Wednesday, the Hawaii Senate overwhelmingly approved the bill and the House is expected to open its debate on Thursday.

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“You have to ask yourself the question, 'Well, where does it stop?'” Hochberg asked in a recent video released by the group. “We have bisexual people who like to have sex with both their own and other gender – so should they be able to have two spouses? And then, why not four so that each person can have two of the other and one of the same? Or five? Or whatever!”

“Whatevers” listed on the screen included polygyny, polyandry, bi-sexual marriage, group marriage, concubinage and “beastiality” [sic].

“I read on the Internet that a woman somewhere married herself because she had her inner groom. It's just getting ridiculous!” Hochberg added.

Of course, the bill being debated in Hawaii would not legalize any of the unions mentioned by Hochberg.