Retired Justice Sandra Day O'Connor on Tuesday officiated at the wedding of a gay couple.

Jeff Trammell and Stuart Serkin of Washington exchanged vows in the lawyers' lounge at the Supreme Court building.

“It was wonderful,” Trammell told BuzzFeed. “It was everything you'd expect it to be: Elegant, charming, very moving. She really was wonderful in private, just like she is in public.”

Trammell called the ceremony “regular” and “very traditional.”

O'Connor and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg are the only past or current justices to have united gay couples in marriage. Ginsburg has married three gay couples.

Trammell, the first openly gay rector at William and Mary, said that he worked closely with O'Connor at the school, where she is the chancellor.

“[I]t was logical, when we decided to get married, that I would ask her to do it,” Trammell said. “And she was most gracious. Really just a remarkable individual.”

The couple, together more than 35 years, is planning an “informal” Florida honeymoon.