A non-profit organization in San Diego has donated an extensive home remodel to a gay Navy officer paralyzed from the armpits down.

A motorcycle accident on October 30, 2012 severed Cmdr. Brian DeLaney's spinal cord, ending his career as a skipper and leaving him in a wheelchair.

Embrace has donated a full remodel of DeLaney's home worth approximately $85,000.

The charity posted a video of DeLaney, who was previously closeted at work, at home with his partner of 14 years, Frank Havens. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

“The video,” DeLaney, 40, told the Navy Times, “was actually the coming out.”

“I just completely separated my personal and professional lives 100 percent,” he continued. “Four ships and two shore commands – just totally separated my personal and professional lives. My personal life had no bearing on how I ran the ship.”

He said that he knew he was paralyzed immediately upon hitting a guardrail: “I was trying to move my right leg, and it wouldn't move.”

The remodel, which will make Delaney's house wheelchair accessible, is expected to be completed before the one-year anniversary of DeLaney's October 30 crash.