The Advocate and Out, America's two leading LGBT print publications, on Wednesday promoted a fake story which claims that Pope Francis supports gay marriage.

Out included the story in a news roundup titled The Pope Supports Same-Sex Marriage? and the Advocate pointed to Out's roundup from its front page.

The story originated from The Daily Currant, which describes itself as an “English language online satirical newspaper.”

Pope Francis is quoted in the story as telling the Lithuanian newspaper Rausva Plunksna (Pink Feather): “We have learned much about homosexuality in recent years. We now know that being gay isn't a choice, but something one is born with. If our Lord decides that someone should come into this world a certain way, who are we to judge his choice?”

The story goes on to quote Francis calling anti-gay activists “bigots.”

“The Bible mentions not eating shellfish more than it mentions homosexuality. And yet many anti-gay activists – including some Catholics – are running around eating shrimp and telling others what to do with their lives. I view these people as bigoted and ungodly and I will confront them during my time as pontiff. Who are we to tell anyone who to love?”

Out added: “Way to go Pope Francis.”

Out and The Advocate are owned by Here Media.

UPDATE: Out has withdrawn its article, stating that the story was a “sham.” “Sorry world,” Out wrote.