Olympian Johnny Weir on Wednesday announced his retirement from professional skating.

According to the AP, Weir will continue to skate in shows but he will no longer compete.

The three-time U.S. figure skating champion will switch careers to broadcasting, joining NBC for its coverage of the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

“I am outlandish and flamboyant and all those things,” Weir said. “There was a focus on all that in my career, which I am fine with, but there also was little attention paid to how hard I actually worked and how much went into it and how I came back so many times. Sweating every day for that one moment, and I wish people focused on that as much as my characters and my costumes. I wouldn't be Johnny Weir if I wasn't giving everything all the time.”

“Hopefully, I can use my words properly and talk intelligently. I'm excited for the journey.”

Weir came out gay in his 2010 memoir Welcome to My World and married his husband Victor Voronov in New York the following year.

Last month came news that Weir would not skate at the Sochi Games.

He repeatedly said that his goal was to take part in a Russian Olympics.

“I have always cheered for all Russian skaters and I will cheer for all Russians when I am there in Sochi,” he said. “I'm sad I can't compete, but I can be there and be a part of the moments that will get created at this beautiful Olympics.”

Weir added that ending his career in Sochi “would have been very storybook.”