Mat Staver, chairman of Liberty Counsel, has accused New Jersey Governor Chris Christie of “dereliction of duty” for withdrawing an appeal to a court's decision legalizing gay marriage in New Jersey.

“For Governor Chris Christie just to allow a lower court to ultimately decide this for the people is a dereliction of duty,” Staver said on WND Radio. “We're talking about the redefinition of marriage. We're talking about a policy that essentially says boys don't need fathers, that girls don't need mothers, that two people of the same sex are just as good as mom and dad who are male and female.”

“This has long-term significant effects on the family, on children and when we destabilize the very structure of the family, we impact the structure and stability of government,” he added.

Christie dropped the appeal after the New Jersey Supreme Court refused to delay a lower court's decision ordering the state to begin issuing marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples, a clear signal that it did not believe that the administration would prevail in its claim.

Staver warned against additional similar rulings, saying that they could ultimately “delegitimize their entire structure.”

“Once people lose confidence in the court system, we ultimately have a real problem within the judiciary,” he said. “I think that's potentially where we may be going if this continues to go down the same path.”

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