Dozens of homophobes attempted to push through cordons of hundreds of police in Podgorica, Montenegro to attack the city's first Gay Pride parade on Sunday.

Police used tear gas to disperse the rock-throwing opponents.

According to Aljazeera, nearly 2,000 police officers were needed to guard about 150 Montenegrins as they rallied in the nation's capital for roughly 30 minutes. A separate outlet reported that a dozen people carrying Molotov cocktails were arrested before the march began.

Despite the violence, organizers called the march a success.

“We were up against enormous challenges but we did it,” said Danijel Kalezic, who heads the group Queer Montenegro. “From this day we are no longer invisible. This is the first Pride and every year there will be more and more of us.”

Officials in the Balkan country openly supported the rally, which comes as Montenegro seeks membership in the European Union. However, anti-gay sentiment remains high in Montenegro. According to one survey, 71 percent of Montenegrins believe being gay is an illness.