UK rugby star Gareth Thomas is writing a coming out memoir to be published next year.

Ebury Press announced on Tuesday that the unnamed book would be published in September and ghost written by sportswriter Michael Calvin.

Thomas, who retired from rugby in 2011, publicly acknowledged he is gay in 2009. The 39-year-old Welshman's coming out inspired other professional athletes to come out, including English cricketer Steven Michael Davies and Swedish footballer (European soccer) Anton Hysen.

Ebury Press called the memoir “an incredible story of one man facing up to the truth with no idea of the impact it will have on his life.”

“Although some of Gareth's story is out there and has already inspired and given hope to millions, there are some things he's never talked about and only the intimacy of a book can do it justice.”

Thomas added: “I feel ready to write this book now. I hope it will help others have the courage to deal with whatever life throws at them. … This book will allow me to talk honestly and frankly about my life and share that story with others.”