Mike Pence, Indiana's Republican governor, is not convinced that banning gay marriage in the state will hurt its economy.

Pence is backing a proposed constitutional amendment which would limit marriage to a heterosexual union. Lawmakers in 2011 approved the amendment but a second vote is needed before it can go on next year's ballot.

On Friday, Pence reacted to a new poll which showed that a large majority (62%) of Indiana voters favor the amendment.

The poll, conducted by a Republican pollster and paid for by the Indiana Family Institute, which opposes marriage equality, belies the findings of earlier polls that show the amendment failing.

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“The fact that we have competing public opinion polls really underscores the reason why we should just let Hoosiers decide,” Pence told News 8.

The governor also dismissed the arguments of corporations who say the amendment will hurt their ability to recruit.

“Some of the fastest growing state economies in America have a traditional definition of marriage in their state constitutions,” Pence said. “And I don't believe in my heart that this would be a barrier to job creation or growth.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

Republicans control all three branches of government in Indiana.