A straight man became emotional discussing in a video being defriended on Facebook over attending his gay brother's wedding.

Christian Gullette and Michael Stevens married last year in San Francisco.

Stevens' straight brother, David Stevens, posted an emotional video at the blog EvolEqual.com about the reaction he received to posting pictures from the wedding on Facebook.

One “friend,” who is now a Baptist minister, reacted angrily.

“Hey David, I am removing you from my friends list. Sorry man, that latest post is way over the top. Homosexuals joining in holy matrimony? I don't think so. The Holy Bible speaks out against homosexuality and speaks highly of holy matrimony between a man and a woman. It's nothing more than a slap in the face to those who choose God's word for homosexuals to join in a holy marriage. I'm only defriending you so I don't have to look at your anti-God stuff anymore – nothing personal.”

“They married in May,” David Stevens says in his 6-minute video response. “It was a wonderful ceremony. I was honored to stand by my brother supporting him in his vows.”

“I don't have a great need for fundamentalist dogma in my day. So on some level, good riddance.”

Stevens becomes emotional when talking about the rhetoric used against LGBT people.

“I'm sorry for that pain,” he says. “I'm sorry for that rejection.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library more videos.)