Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett on Friday compared the marriages of gay couples to the marriage of a brother and sister.

Corbett was asked about a statement his lawyers made in a recent court filing to stop a county clerk from issuing marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples. The lawyers argued that licenses issued to gay couples are invalid because such couples – like “12-year-olds” – can't marry.

“It was an inappropriate analogy, you know. I think a much better analogy would have been brother and sister, don't you?” Corbett, a Republican, answered with a smile.

“I don't know,” the anchor responded. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

Corbett, a former state attorney general, added that he does not believe a pending challenge to the state's marriage ban belongs in federal court.

“The Supreme Court left it up to the states to determine under their laws as to what is and isn't a marriage,” Corbett said. “The federal court shouldn't even be involved in this. But if they are, then they're going to make a determination whether the state has the right to determine that a marriage is only between a man and a woman and not between two individuals of the same sex.”