A school in Monterey, Mexico has expelled a two-year-old girl for having two dads.

Alex and Pepe married in Mexico City, which legalized gay marriage in 2009.

According to Telediario, an administrator at The Hills Institute, a private bilingual school which has a day care facility, told the couple that they would have to hide the fact that they are married if they wanted their two-year-old daughter Alejandra to remain at the school.

“They were asking me to give up all of my rights as a parent at the school,” Alex, Alejandra's biological father, told reporters. “I would have had to not participate in school or social activities. I was to not communicate with anybody, or attend as a family Mother's Day or Father's Day celebrations as long as she was attending the school.”

Alejandra was expelled from the school a few days after the couple rejected the school's demands.

On its website, The Hills Institute describes itself as, “The best bicultural school in Mexico's educational system” and its code of conduct asks students to show “respect toward all staff members and peers.” Telediario reported that after the incident the school editing its website, removing a mention of respect for diversity.

According to CNN the school refunded the men their money but the check bounced.