The New York Times on Thursday released a 30-minute documentary titled Hers to Lose on Christine Quinn's failed bid to run New York City.

Quinn, who led the polls for months, came in a distant third place in the Democratic primary. With her wife Kim Catullo by her side, Quinn congratulated Bill de Blasio “on a hard-earned victory” in her concession speech to supporters at the Dream Hotel in Chelsea.

Surprisingly, de Blasio did better than Quinn with gay and female voters. According to The New York Times, Quinn received 39 percent of the gay vote and 19 percent of the female vote, while de Blasio received 45 percent of the gay vote and 39 percent of the female vote.

The film explores the issues that surrounded the campaign, including Quinn's sexual orientation, her controversial votes while city council speaker and her close relationship with Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

“People may disagree with the decisions I made and they disagree with votes that I cast,” Quinn says in the film. “But I really love New York. And all I ever really wanted was to be of service and to make this city a better place for everybody.”

“In the scheme of life, it's by far not the worse thing that can happen to somebody. The sun rose and I got up, and I got up and I was in a home with the woman I love,” she added. (The film is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)