A gay male couple from Monterey, Mexico who got engaged at the end of a highly produced flashmob is marrying in Mexico City on Friday.

In a video titled Proyecto Triunfo (Project Triumph) posted on YouTube on Tuesday, Pedroluiz Ibarra documents his marriage proposal to Andres Bernardo. We see Ibarra buying the engagement ring and rehearsing choreography with friends.

Bernardo is escorted through several rooms as friends dance to Bruno Mars' Marry You. Near the end of the song, the dancers part and Ibarra walks into the room, lip syncs, “Hey baby; I know I want to marry you; Is it the look in your eyes; Or is it this dancing juice; Who cares, baby; I think I wanna marry you,” gets down on one knee and produces the engagement ring.

“You are, we were, and you will be the love of all of my lives. Pedazo, I'm ready to continue the journey. Will you join me?” Ibarra asks. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

According to Latin Times, the proposal occurred last year and the couple will be tying the knot on Friday in Mexico City, which legalized gay marriage in 2009. Monterey must recognize their marriage but the state does not allow gay nuptials.

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