Peter LaBarbera, president of the anti-gay group Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, warned on Friday that “every major institution is being corrupted by the homosexual agenda.”

Appearing on Liberty Counsel's Faith and Freedom radio program, LaBarbera praised Trail Life USA, the new scouting organization created in the wake of the Boy Scouts' decision to accept gay youth.

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“Every major institution is being corrupted by the homosexual agenda; American Medical Association, all the psychiatric establishment organizations – they're all being corrupted by the gay movement, which is basically all about approval. These are people who are desperate to get approval, even use the government to force us to approve of homosexuality to soothe their own conscience. That's what the homosexual movement is all about,” LaBarbera said.

Host Matt Barber agreed: “[Progressives] are like a swarm of locusts that just fly in and anything noble, you know, the Boy Scouts of America, any institution, the U.S. military, that is noble and rooted in righteous purposes, they will swarm in, destroy it and fly away leaving just a husk.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)