Gay consumers are ready to doll out their dollars, but more likely only to companies they perceive as gay-friendly, a new survey said. Of those companies respondents found gay-friendly, NBC Universal's cable channel Bravo was the friendliest. Apple, Showtime followed in the second and third spots.

The survey, conducted by Prime Access and PlanetOut, found four of the top five companies were from the media and technology sectors. Cable channel HBO was ranked fourth.

A majority (68%) of gay and lesbian consumers said they are more likely to buy from a company whose business philosophy appears to be inclusive of gays and lesbians. Almost three-fourths (71%) of the respondents favored companies that featured gay imagery in their advertising.

“The study reveals that gays and lesbians are fiercely loyal to brands they perceive as reaching out to them,” said Howard Buford, president and CEO of Prime Access.

The study also showed the opinions of gays and lesbians to be highly influential. “In virtually every category – from financial services to fragrance – the study shows that gays and lesbians tend to be ahead of the curve when it comes to embracing new products and trends. They are early adopters that their peers look to for advice, opinions and ideas. As a result of their influence, they impact many more purchases than just their own,” said Kevyn Aiken, Vice President of Marketing, Media Sales at PlanetOut.

The early adoption of products and high-value influence of gays and lesbians explains why they represent one of the most coveted and active demographics.

Brands scoring the lowest marks from gay and lesbian consumers included: Wal-Mart, Dunkin Donuts, Cracker Barrel, Exxon Mobil and Samsung.