An online video calling on Russians to oppose homosexuality claims that gays adopt children “to satisfy their sexual desire.”

The 4-minute video produced by the group Healthy Young Generation – Healthy Russia was uploaded Thursday to with English subtitles by gay rights activist John Aravosis of

Among the lies peddled in the video are that gay people die 20-30 years “before normal people,” that gay people use propaganda to “recruit naïve young teenagers to be gay,” that “50% of pedophiles are gay” and that “one in three children being raised by same-sex couples were needed by their adopted parents for sex.”

“So this is why, gay especially, are happy for children to be adopted by gays,” a male narrator says with foreboding music playing in the background. “They need children to satisfy their sexual desire.”

“According to leading scientists, changes in the cerebral cortex which define sexual orientation can be treated more easily than alcoholism,” the narrator explains. “But they don't want to be treated. They lie that their 'disorder' is congenital. They lie that they are normal.”

To support its claim that gays adopt children for sex, the producers of the video turn to a debunked study from Mark Regnerus.

The study looked at the outcomes of 3,000 people, 248 of which had a mother or a father who at one time had a relationship with a person of the same gender. Regnerus concluded that children raised by gay parents face greater negative outcomes. But the study has been widely criticized because only 2 of the subjects reported having parents in a gay relationship for their entire childhood.

“[E]ven the very anti-gay Regnerus 'study' does not conclude that 1/3 of gay parents rape their own kids, which this new video claims,” Aravosis wrote. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

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