A 23-year-old man is working tirelessly to promote the message that the Bible does not condemn homosexuality.

In a video posted last year, Matthew Vines explained that he took a two year leave from college to study the issue. The 60-minute video has gained considerable attention with more than 620,000 views on YouTube. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

On Wednesday, Vines opened a three-day gathering in Prairie Valley, Kansas to discuss the issue.

“This conference is important because it really represents the next frontier of the LGBT movement, which is working to change the minds of conservative Christians about same-sex relationships,” Vines told the AP. “Because I'm a gay Christian who grew up in a conservative church and still have a lot of friends and family in conservative churches, I'm trying to empower people to be able to stay in their churches that are not yet supportive.”

Vines' organization, The Reformation Project, organized the conference whose aim is to train 50 pro-LGBT Christians from across the country to spread the message that “being gay is not a sin.”

Evan Lenow, assistant professor of ethics at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, criticized Vines' conclusions.

“It seems to me he is attempting to read Scripture through his presupposition that homosexuality is not a sin,” Lenow told the AP. “... Every time [Scripture] speaks of homosexuality it speaks of homosexuality in terms of sin.”

Vines' upcoming book, God and the Gay Christian, will be published by Crown/Random House in March.