John Hawkins, the former South Carolina lawmaker who backed the state's gay marriage ban, has reversed course.

At a reception held at the Charleston Marriott on Wednesday, Hawkins told members with the Alliance for Full Acceptance that he is no longer opposed to gay nuptials.

In 2006, then Republican Senator Hawkins spearheaded the fight in the Senate to amend the South Carolina Constitution to define marriage as solely a heterosexual union.

“I honestly wish I hadn't been so strident against gay marriage,” he said in addressing the group.

In comments to ABC affiliate News 4, Hawkins said that he wanted to make amends.

“I have two children, two girls, and I want them to grow up knowing that their daddy, even though he stood up against this right at one point in his life, that he tried to do something about it, that he tried to basically make amends and make it right,” Hawkins said.

“The biblical verses against homosexuality, I hope one day will go the same way as the biblical verses that condone slavery or genocide,” he said. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)