Christian conservative Bryan Fischer on Monday told his radio audience that he loves gays, then proceeded to call them “vile” and “offensive.”

On this AFA-sponsored Focal Point show, Fischer explained that lots of Americans love gays so much that it saddens them to see people “falling prey to that disease.”

“There's a sickness there. There is a pathology associated with homosexual behavior,” he said.

“You know, these are not happy people. They are not well-adjusted people and it just breaks your heart to see what this perverted sense of sexuality is doing to them. It's just destroying their humanity. It's destroying their masculinity. Or it's destroying their femininity, depending which version of homosexuality they engage in.”

“They don't have to be sunk in the swamp of homosexual behavior. And we want to see them delivered. We want to see them pulled out.”

He concluded: “And I just keep wondering when are the American people just going to have it up to here with the flaunting of this sexual perversity? When are they just going to say enough is enough, we've had it, no more. We're tired of being pushed around. We're tired of being bullied. We're tired in the name of tolerance allowing things that are absolutely vile, absolutely offensive to any sense of decency.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)