A video showing a gay man being raped with a bottle in Russia surfaced this week on social media.

According to Radio Free Europe, clips of the brutal attack were being passed around on the mobile phone app WhatsApp.

In the video, the man, who is presented as an ethnic Uzbek, is tortured into confessing that he's gay. The man weeps as he is beaten, insulted, threatened with a gun and forced to sit on a bottle.

“We made him sit on a bottle so that he repents for his sins and comes to reason,” said a man who claims to have taken part in the attack. “We did this to protect the dignity of Uzbeks. We live and work here, we are in contact with people of different nationalities. There will be no respect for us otherwise.”

The man claimed that a group of Russian vigilantes found the victim on a social-networking website and trapped him with the proposal of a date.

“Russian guys caught him and called us to say they had a gay Uzbek. We then questioned him and he confessed to everything. There were six or seven of us. The Russians told us he was a pedophile, which he denied. But he confessed that he was gay.”

Video of a similar attack thought to have happened in the same region emerged on Russian social media last month. It shows four Russian men beating a transgender woman and attempting to make her sit on a bottle.

In both cases, commenters on social media cheered the attacks.