Alexei Zhuravlev, a member of Russia's lower house of parliament, insists gay parents corrupt their children.

Last week, Zhuravlev introduced a bill that would define gay men and lesbians as unfit to parent.

The bill aims to make the “fact of nontraditional sexual orientation” a basis for denying custody. Alcoholism, drug use and abuse are other grounds listed.

In introducing his bill, Zhuravlev said that “gay propaganda” had to be banned not only in the public space “but also in the family,” a reference to a recently approved law that prohibits the promotion of gay rights among minors.

In an interview with Russian glossy Sloan, Zhuravlev defended his proposal.

“We view Europe as Sodom and Gomorrah,” he said. “Europe must not tell us how to live. The Europeans can live any way they like, but they mustn't tell us what to do.”

“Homosexuals must not raise children,” Zhuravlev continued. “They corrupt them. They do them much more harm than if the child were in an orphanage. I am deeply convinced of this.”

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