A gay marriage bill in Illinois might not get a vote in the House this year.

After the marriage bill cleared the Senate on Valentine's Day, its sponsor in the House, Rep. Greg Harris, an openly gay Democrat from Chicago, decided as lawmakers wrapped up the session in May not to call the bill for a vote. Harris said at the time that he had been asked by colleagues to wait until the fall.

The surprising move provoked supporters into fortifying their campaign, increasing resources and reevaluating their strategy.

But now Harris says he's considering keeping the vote on hold until next January, though he has not ruled out a vote during the upcoming veto session, which runs October 22-24 and November 5-7, though the bill is more likely to come up near the session's end.

“I think we need to continue to work with folks in their districts and let them know how things have change,” Harris told Chicago gay weekly Windy City Times, a reference to the federal government's recent decision to recognize for the purpose of benefits gay couples in a marriage but not those in a civil union. Illinois is one of four states where gay couples can enter a civil union but not a marriage.

When asked whether organizers have increased the bill's “yes” count, Illinois Unites for Marriage Campaign Manager John Kohlhepp told the paper: “I believe that we can say that we have.”

But the paper notes that no House member has publicly announced his or her support since May.