Shortly after 11 PM on Tuesday, Christine Quinn conceded defeat in her bid to become New York City's first female and first openly gay mayor.

The former front-runner came in a distant third place in the polls. With her wife Kim Catullo by her side, Quinn thanked her supporters.

“I want to congratulate my opponents Bill Thompson and Bill de Blasio on a hard-earned victory,” Quinn told supporters who had gathered at the Dream Hotel in Chelsea.

“This was a hard-fought race. We took a lot of knocks. We were up against a lot of odds. But I am proud of the race we all ran. There's a young girl out there who was inspired by the thought of New York's first woman mayor and said to herself, 'You know what? I can do that.'”

Surprisingly, de Blasio did better than Quinn with gay and female voters. According to The New York Times, Quinn received 39 percent of the gay vote and 19 percent of the female vote, while de Blasio received 45 percent of the gay vote and 39 percent of the female vote.

In a final tweet, her campaign messaged a photo of Quinn and Catullo holding hands with the caption “Thank you.”