More than 1,200 former Boy Scouts of America (BSA) officials, parents and youth attended a two-day convention in Nashville, Tennessee over the weekend to launch Trail Life USA, a youth program formed in the wake of the BSA's decision to allow openly gay scouts.

The policy change, which takes effect January 1, will allow openly gay youth, but not adults, to participate in the BSA.

John Stemberger formed the Florida-based to lobby BSA officials against the policy change. He announced that he was working on the faith-based alternative following passage of the policy.

Stemberger said Friday that he believes Trail Life USA “will be stronger, safer and more principled in every way” than the BSA. (A video for the group is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

Stemberger said that the program wouldn't be “churchy” and was not an “anti-BSA organization.”

“In fact, we are not an anti-anything or anyone organization,” he is quoted as saying by NBC News.

He earlier explained that the program would be open to gay youths and adults who don't “carry a rainbow flag.”

“If a young man has a same-sex attraction he would not be turned away in the program, but he's not going to be allowed to kind of openly flaunt it and carry a rainbow flag,” Stemberger said. “There is not going to be any kind of witch hunt in our organization for people and what their sexual orientations are. We're going to focus on sexual purity, not sexual orientation.”

Zach Wahls, founder of Scouts for Equality, which lobbied for the policy change, questioned the differences between the groups.

“You still cannot discuss sexuality within the BSA,” Wahls told NBC News. “That hasn't changed and that will not change, and so, it's really a distinction without a difference that they're trying to make here.”

But Stemberger, the president of the Florida Family Policy, a group opposed to gay rights, earlier stated that allowing openly gay youth in the BSA would “devastate it.”

“You look at anything that has the word 'gay' on it in our culture. A gay magazine, a gay blog, a gay website, a gay parade, you name it, it's gonna be guaranteed to be inappropriate for kids,” Stemberger told Tim Wildmon of the Christian conservative American Family Association (AFA). “And that's what we're talking about. We're talking about injecting hyper-sexuality and a leftist political agenda right into the veins of the Boy Scouts and it will utterly devastate it.”