More than 1,200 supporters of gay marriage gathered Saturday in the Taiwan capital of Taipei to celebrate a “wedding banquet.”

The event to raise awareness for marriage equality was held in front of the Presidential Office Building. The Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights (TAPCPR) organized the banquet to drum up support for a marriage bill it plans on submitting to parliament later this month.

“We believe it is time to change the law,” Victoria Hsu, president of TAPCPR, told Gay Star News.

“Our survey shows that in the past 10 years, 29 percent has changed from 'opposition' to 'support' of same sex marriage. This proves that people's opinions concerning same-sex marriage are transformable and that their opinions of the Taiwanese people on this have undergone great transformation,” she added.

The group's survey found that 53 percent of the public supports marriage equality, while 37 percent remain opposed. Among people in their twenties, 78 percent support gay nuptials, according to the TAPCPR poll. Opposition was greatest among Catholics and Protestants – which account for only 6 percent of Taiwan's population – with average support among those groups at 25 percent.

Shanghaiist reported that the China Post wrote a strong editorial in support of allowing gay couples to marry in the territory.

“[Love] and marriage should not be restricted to heterosexual couples,” the English language paper wrote, “and marriage licenses should grant the same rights to all. There is no excuse for saying gay marriage is not necessary because Taiwan's society is 'not ready.'”