President Barack Obama on Wednesday called for gay rights on the eve of a visit to Russia.

On Wednesday, the president arrived in Stockholm, Sweden, where he was greeted by Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.

“We share a belief in the dignity and equality of every human being,” Obama told reporters during a joint press conference with Reinfeldt. “That our daughters deserve the same opportunities as our sons. That our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters must be treated equally under the law.”

Obama's remarks come on the eve of a visit to Russia to attend a summit of the G-20. While in Russia, the president has agreed to meet with gay rights activists to discuss nascent anti-gay laws signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The laws prohibit gay and lesbian couples from adopting Russian-born children and the promotion of gay rights where minors might be present, effectively banning Gay Pride marches and similar demonstrations. Russia's “gay propaganda” law has provoked worldwide outrage and calls to boycott the upcoming Winter Olympics to be held in Sochi.

Obama has previously criticized the law but decried a boycott as “inappropriate.”

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