Roughly 2,400 people marched Saturday in Berlin, Germany to protest a Russian law that prohibits the promotion of “gay propaganda” to minors, effectively banning public demonstrations in support of gay rights.

The law's passage in June has provoked worldwide outrage and calls for a boycott of the Winter Olympics to take place next year in Sochi.

The protesters marched through the streets carrying signs which read “Enough is Enough!” and “Stop Homophobia.” Many took aim at Russian President Vladimir Putin, who signed the bill into law.

German television personality Alfonso Pantisano attended the rally.

“We demand that human rights be observed and defended,” Pantisano told UK's The Guardian. “We are not here today because of our homosexuality and we're not here because we care about politics. We're here because we're human beings and we believe that in 2013 human rights must be defended everywhere.”

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