A New Mexico judge has order Los Alamos County Clerk Sharon Stover to begin issuing marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples.

According to the Los Alamos Monitor, District Court Judge Sheri Raphaelson ordered Stover to begin issuing such licenses or appear in court to explain why that shouldn't happen.

Stover said she would announce her decision no later than 4 PM on Tuesday.

“I consider this to be a matter of great importance,” Stover said in a written statement, “not only to Los Alamos County, but to all other County Clerks in New Mexico.”

“I have not had adequate time yet to review the documentation we just received with our County Attorney, and thus I am not ready to make a statement to media about whether or not I will comply with Judge Raphaelson's request at this time.”

Janet Newton and Maria Thibodeau filed the lawsuit against Los Alamos County after Stover denied the couple a marriage license.

The move comes after six counties covering 56 percent of New Mexico's population began issuing marriage licenses to gay couples.

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A group of Republican lawmakers are behind an effort to block county clerks from issuing additional licenses.

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On Thursday, a district judge in Albuquerque allowed the New Mexico Association of Counties and 31 county clerks to intervene in a separate lawsuit.

Daniel Ivey-Soto, the group's executive director, said they would file an appeal with the state Supreme Court next week.

“The intent of the clerks is to get clarity in the law as quickly as possible both so the clerks understand their lawful responsibilities and so the public understands what is appropriate under New Mexico law or not appropriate under New Mexico law,” said Ivey-Soto, a lawyer and Democratic state senator from Albuquerque.