Attorneys representing Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett, a Republican, argued Wednesday that licenses issued to gay couples are invalid because such couples – like “12-year-olds” – can't marry.

Bruce Hanes, register of wills for Montgomery County, has issued 154 marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples since July 24 in defiance of a state law. Hanes acted after Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane, a Democrat, announced that she could not defend the state's ban in a legal challenge.

Corbett filed a lawsuit to stop Hanes from issuing additional licenses.

In its brief, the state argued that the marriage licenses hold no “actual value or legitimacy.”

“Had the clerk issued marriage licenses to 12-year-olds in violation of state law, would anyone seriously contend that each 12-year-old … is entitled to a hearing on the validity of his 'license'?” the state wrote, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Hanes called the marriage ban “arbitrary and suspect” in his brief.