More than 350 Christian conservatives rallied Tuesday at San Antonio City Hall against a proposed gay-inclusive non-discrimination ordinance.

According to the San Antonio Express-News, the protest comes ahead of a Wednesday 6 PM public hearing on the controversial measure.

Rev. Charles Flowers, an African-American pastor, rejected comparisons between the Civil Rights Movement and gay rights.

“While we love the people involved, we cannot allow their agenda to stain the fabric, the tapestry, of the Civil Rights Movement,” Flowers said.

“Ex-gay” activist Linda Jernigan, an African-American pastor who has also opposed gay rights in her home state of Illinois, spoke about her experience as a former lesbian.

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“I lived as a man even though God created me a woman,” Jernigan told the crowd. “He transformed me into the woman he created me to be.”

Bishop David Copeland told the paper that the ordinance's aim was to silence opponents of gay rights.

“All humans deserve equal protection under the law,” Copeland said. “The challenge is when it comes to dominance. That's another issue, if there's a certain group dominating what another group can and cannot say.”

Councilwoman Elisa Chan is facing pressure to resign over anti-gay statements she made in the course of discussing the ordinance.

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