Members of the North Brunswick Township Council have approved a resolution which calls on New Jersey to legalize gay marriage.

New Jersey is one of four states which recognize gay and lesbian couples with civil unions. The other three are Illinois, Hawaii and Colorado. While Illinois and Hawaii are considering moving to full marriage, Colorado lawmakers cannot do so, due to a constitutional amendment excluding gay couples from marriage.

Last year, Governor Chris Christie, a Republican, vetoed a marriage bill approved by lawmakers, and he has defended the state's marriage laws in an ongoing legal challenge.

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At a July 29 meeting, Mayor Francis “Mac” Womack said that he had asked Township Attorney Ron Gordon to draft the resolution. It was approved during an August 5 public meeting.

The resolution reads in part: “[T]he Mayor and Township Council hereby respectfully request that the New Jersey State Legislature enact a bill in the State of New Jersey legalizing gay marriage in the State of New Jersey.”

“I have had an opportunity to perform several civil union ceremonies,” Womack said during the July meeting. “My feeling and opinion of everything is that New Jersey is a little out of step with neighboring states. I would like to see this move forward with the state to enact a gay marriage bill.”

Womack said that he was inspired by the Supreme Court ruling striking down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which prohibited the federal government from recognizing the legal marriages of gay couples.

The lone opponent of the resolution, Councilwoman Cathy Nicola, said that she would prefer putting the issue to a public vote.

“This is something that should be put forth to the residents of our state,” she said.