Bishop of Honolulu Larry Silva has called gay marriage the devil's handiwork.

In an open letter to Roman Catholics in response to a proposal to legalize such unions in Hawaii, Silva claims that limiting marriage to heterosexual couples is “just discrimination.”

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“To discriminate between heterosexual and same-sex couples regarding marriage is not, despite the hype on the street, unjust discrimination,” Silva wrote.

“If same-sex couples are given the legal right to marry under the pretense that discrimination that excludes them from marriage is unjust, why would people who prefer several spouses at the same time not be afforded the same right?” he rhetorically asked.

“Children will be the greatest casualties, in that they will be deprived of being raised in a loving home by a mother and a father who loves them and whose love cooperated with God's plan in creating them. When children are deprived of such a home, there will be more poverty, more social ills, more juvenile suicides, and more problems than we can imagine.”

Silva goes on to suggest that the devil is behind marriage equality.

“The language of the proponents is meant to convince us that this is a civil rights issue and that anyone who does not agree is bigoted. Do not be led astray with such language, and do not allow yourself to be bullied by it. Remember, Adam and Eve themselves fell for the serpent's [Satan's representative in the Garden of Eden] manipulative promise that they would be like gods, knowing good from evil, if they just ate the fruit God had forbidden them to eat. The fruit might have been tasty at the moment, but it ultimately brought us all into a very sorry state.”