“Ex-gay” activist Christopher Doyle is demanding an apology from Exodus International for shuttering its doors and apologizing to the LGBT community.

Last year, Alan Chambers, the group's president, began leading Exodus away from supporting therapies aimed at “curing” gay men and lesbians of their sexual orientation. Chambers, who at one point starred in ads for the ministry touting “change is possible,” reversed course, saying such therapies do not work and revealing that his attractions to other men have not faded.

That admission eventually led Chambers to apologize for promoting such therapies and announce the shuttering of Exodus.

Doyle, who heads the “ex-gay” group Voice of the Voiceless, accused Chambers of “throwing some ex-gay leaders under the bus” in a blog post.

“While I believe the apologies are sincere are well-meaning, some of these statements, specifically their condemnation of the work of ex-gay leaders, both within and outside the Exodus International umbrella, are inappropriate and ill-advised,” Doyle wrote. “In short, while attempting to right some wrongs for members of the gay community they hurt, the Exodus leadership is 'throwing the baby out with the bathwater' when it comes to ex-gays.”

“It's really troubling to see these daggers thrown at the ex-gay community without a proper response. So rather than simply point out the errors in the Exodus leadership, I am going to propose an apology that the now extinct Exodus International Board of Directors should offer to the ex-gay community.”

“How very sad that the largest and most influential ex-gay ministry has resorted to a popularity club for their narcissistic leaders,” he added.

Doyle's proposed apology from Exodus to the “ex-gay” community reads in part: “[W]e are deeply saddened that we attacked our allies in the psychological community, most of who are also people of faith. Out of fear and ignorance, we failed to embrace solutions that could bring about real and lasting change.”